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This past month has been a minimally productive one on the farm side of life but a good sized amount has been done on the family household side.

The new year comes along with cold weather and there is not much to do outside but much to catch up on inside.  Not being one to hold to resolutions the farmer had made a decision to declutter.  Decisions are definite, resolutions can happen this year or well, there is always next year.  The Butting Heads family live in a house that has been passed down through the Farmer’s family for the past eighty years.  The main house is a circa 1790 farmhouse with an early 1900’s house married to it.  When the family moved in, the farmer’s grandmother was still the head of the household and all of her things, along with her mother’s things were here.  After gram passed a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff  was passed onto other family members.  But much still remains.  Not the big stuff, not the Antiques Roadshow stuff, just the stuff.  Corner filler stuff, under the eaves holding the roof up stuff, holy shit why is this stuff still here stuff.  Now don’t think the farmhouse looks like something from TLC’s Hoarders.  This is stuff that is tucked away in those out of sight, out of mind places until now.   The farmer cleaned out two closets and her gram’s filing cabinet.  Mind you the old house only has two closets.  But they are under the eaves and hold much stuff and the file cabinet, well you probably have figured that it was full.    Well, needless to say the garbage man hates her but the farmer’s closets are tidy and the file cabinet now holds stuff from the past decade (not the past 5 decades).

The most interesting things found: the farmer’s mother’s baby book and comb set, the farmer’s grandmother’s baby book and this:


A baptismal paper from 1896 recording the baptism of the farmer’s Great Grandmother.  Some stuff is priceless!


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