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A Feminist Rally

The farmer misses our rooster.  He was the chosen one of four.  Last week she discovered a growth on his chest and he had to be put down. He was a handsome boy but he knew his place.

A Facebook post from this past August:

There seems to have been a feminist rally in the hen house earlier today. Upon entering the coop the farmer spies, a hen, the oldest most eggsperienced one, was seen pacing back and forth on the nest perch. The underlings were gathered below listening in awe to her squawks and cackles. She had them enraptured, captivated by her eggsuberant speech. “Today we rally! We will longer be held down by the other sex! We will no longer answer to their every peck and call. Hear me ladies, we are eggstraordinary, we are not yolking anymore, we are hens hear us…cackle!”
The four roosters were standing outside in the rain and not one was cocking his doodle. True story.


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