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This little farm has different seasons, as all farms do.

There is summer with all its glory. Weeding the gardens, feeding the multitude of animals, canning, milking and the list goes as long as the days are and beyond.

Summer transitions into fall.  School starts, back to work, broilers and pigs head to freezer camp.  Gardens are harvested and readied for the deep sleep of winter.  Wood is cut and split.  And the grand push to ready the Christmas season is on. Soap and lotion are made for the numerous  sale events we attend. The house is cleared out and set up for the home show in November, no small feat that.  The family calls it “hell week” and rightly so. Christmas comes and goes and we settle into winter.

Most would think that things would calm down after all that.  But stock has been depleted and more must be made for coming shows.  I never have time for spring cleaning so I winter clean.   People love to take soap and cheese making classes during the doldrums so many are booked usually on the same day the girls come into heat so I must juggle goat sex and meeting people for their class without smelling of Stanky Buck.

The later part of winter, I mean like the month of March. I rest.  Chores are at a minimum with only the goats and chickens to be done.  Milking does not occur now as the girls are dried off to give their energy to growing kids that are due in April.  Life is slower and easier.

The longer days of Spring and five, maybe six piglets will be arriving this weekend. The first batch of broilers shortly after that.  I need to start the tomato and pepper seedlings, too. Did I say that I have the whole month of March off, I guess I lied.


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Titty Tickles

Okay, so it sounds obscene, agreed.  But it is coming up on kidding time and these things must be done.  BHF has three new moms to be, three new to the milking scene, three new to the “You are going to do what to my teats, I think not.”  Therefore there is some preparations that need to be taken care of.

First:  The does are to be shaved.  This keeps them cleaner during kidding.  It also allows the farmer to see changes in the udders easily.

Before:  The European Look


After: The Brazilian Look


This is Junie B. Jones and she is all shaved and ready for kidding.   You can see how well her udder is forming.   Speaking of udders this is where the titty tickles come in.  From the time the goats came to live on our farm the Farmer has touched the udders for no other reason than someday she planned to milk them.  The farmer’s sons thought it ridiculous and coined the phrase, “Titty Tickles.”

The farmer took video of a tickle session  (Middle son said it should not be shown because the farmer breathes loudly and it looks like she is molesting a goat)

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