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Holy Jumping Horny Goat

Goats like the cooler nights that this time year brings.  It starts their reproductive system up and revs it right into overdrive.  The girls get all noisy and their tails are flagging.  The bucks, well the bucks get downright HORNY!!!  All they are thinking about is love and to get love one must get to the girls.  A few weeks ago, James with the Giant Peaches figured out how to get to the girls…he just walked right through his fence.  We had taken the electric fencer off of it to use for the pigs.

James had to be contained.  Youngest son and I drove in the new cedar fence posts and hung a double layer of super duty deer fence to it.  FH arrived home in time to attach the last few staples and voila, James was contained.  Ummm, not so much he jumped over it.  This was a 5 foot fence.  He lowered his ass and jumped, no running start, no standing on his house, he just freakin’ jumped.  We put him back in and he jumped again.  We put him back in and ran a strand of barbed wire on the top. He jumped it.  I think he scraped the peaches a bit on the way over.  We added another strand.  James stayed put.  Not sure if it was the extra strand or the scrape that contained him.

He has stayed put for the past weeks.  The girls have been merciless, the sluts.  Rubbing all over the fence between the two pastures.  James has been tormented for days.

Last night around 11 I was awakened by his hollering.  WTH, he is usually very quiet.  I climbed out of bed, grabbed a flashlight and headed out to see what was up.  Well, when I got to his pen, there against a pitch black backdrop is my very white goat, air humping to beat the band and yelling to his girls.  I could do nothing but chuckle , wish him luck and head back to bed.  Horny goats……


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