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Off Guard

Ever had one of those situations where a dear friend contacts you and asks a favor or proposes a something something?  Your mind goes all, “No, freaking way!!”  but your heart is like, “Yeah, that would great.  I can do that.”   We all know a dear friend is a dear friend for a reason, they do not take advantage of you.  Therefore, when the call came in Thursday night from a very dear friend asking if I would be interested in hosting a camera club Saturday morning, my brain was screaming, “Are you out of your freaking mind….NNNNOOOOO!!!!” but of course my heart won with an, “Of course I would.”

The deal was four or five people from an area camera club would come and spend a few hours here at Butting Heads.  They would just need a general tour with the rules…close the door so the chickens do not get out, the pigs bite and Miss Olive is cranky…you know those kind of things and then they would be on their own.

They arrived a little after 10 this morning.  I went out to greet them.  Ken and Jim were quickly out of their car.  Followed by Karen, Lisa and Leah.  They were a great group… so there brain.  The tour was given and I went inside to label soap and such.

After a couple of hours of shooting pigs, goats, chickens, tractors and all the assorted what nots about our farm they came inside to meet the stars of the show, the kids.   Six crazy kids were cavorting about the mud room. Camera this and thats were adjusted for speed and lighting. Pee was cleaned up.  Laughter was shared.

Next time you are asked to do something unexpected by a dear friend let your heart decide.  Professional pics will be posted later, so double there brain, fun and pics.


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