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Welcome to Butting Heads Farm blog.  Most have suggested that the farmer start out with telling you a bit about the family, the farm and why she wanted to blog.  So the farmer pondered and that went nowhere, fast. The farmer will start this way, her way.

We are a small dairy goat farm in Maine.  We also raise and can our own vegetables, raise pigs and chickens (egg kind and good eating with stuffing inside kind), cut our own wood and live in a very old farmhouse that has been handed down through the farmer’s family for the past 80 years.

Butting Heads Farm, the name lends itself to many aspects of daily farming around here anyway.   The farmer is a middle aged, strong willed woman and the FH is just as stubborn.  We work really well together or not so well.

Although we raise goats and they are the farmer’s real passion; as she said before pigs are also raised here.  Well, keeping up with demand it was decided that this year we would raise our two freezer pigs with butchering occurring in the late fall and then a second set of pigs for sale to our farm customers.  These two girls joined the farm in mid September.  (Check out the story here. )

The girls were put into the pasture on the house side of the property.  Our pigs have always gone to be processed in late October, early November, before really cold temperatures or deep snow.  These girls will be wintering over; wintering over means that the farmer et al will be hauling water and feed through snow and keeping plenty of straw in the house. These chores would be easier done if the pigs were on the barn side of the road.  Read about the adventure here.

This is just a beginning to the adventures that occur here at Butting Heads Farm.  ~The Farmer

p.s. The Farmer is new to the blog stuff please be patient with her…..


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