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Three, two, one….

The countdown started a week ago  Saturday morning.  Over the monitor came the most horrendous sound one could imagine.  Fly out of bed, throw on clothes, grab a flashlight, run to the barn and there is a little slimy white kid slipping out of Junie B. Jones.  She was followed by a smaller brother and then a larger brother.  Triplets!  Butting Heads first birthing.  All went well.  Dot, Little Bill and Bob were brought inside to be bottle babies.

The kids are a hoot to watch run around.  Feeding them is no big deal.  Getting up once during the night is not terrible.  Sunday evening, 7:45 another horrendous scream.  Fern gives birth to a set of twins.  Bea and Lou, a couple of good sized kids.  Five kids all being bottle fed by me during non working hours.  FH takes care of the feedings during the day.  Seasonal work has allowed him to be the Goat Nanny.  Not a title he  finds humorous whatsoever.

boat and goat 030

Dot, Little Bill, Bob, Lou and Bea

Wednesday I get a call at work.  Not a horrendous scream but it looks like Amelia Bedelia is ready to go.  I sped home, well after the bus pulled over to let me pass and Officer Staples was out of sight.

We are new to this birthing thing.  But something did not seem right and sure enough we could see a fluff of fur instead of nose.  Shit, we were not planning on this.  But at least we had a full kidding kit and all the stuff we needed.  Not the goat knowledge/experience/whatever we needed.  FH worked on a farm for 14 years.  But these are Nigerian Dwarf goats not Holstein cows.  The opening does not seem large enough for his hand, but I had gone in and was lost.  I can admit that.  It is disappointing to me, as the self proclaimed farmer, but I was stressed/scared and lost as to what was what.  FH goes in.  First kid is moved into position and was a stillborn.  Second kid is only presenting with a hoof.  His head is pushed way down and can not make its way out.  FH assists again.  This guy was born breathing.  Next one was not.


Stan the last kid was weak but he is up and about and doing surprisingly well.  Amelia is of course sore. But doing well.   When FH gave her her molasses and water cocktail, she was all like, “Seriously, you stick your hand in there and THEN you buy me a drink”……boat and goat 026

Stan, 4 hours old.


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