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Recently one morning around 2 a.m. the farmer’s husband woke the farmer; “Did you hear that?” Farmer, “Yeah, no I was sleeping.” FH, “Shhh, listen.” Farmer, “Damn!”
Somebody in the goat yard was yelling. Now mind you if that someone in the goat yard was yelling loud enough for the FH to hear it over the Farmer’s snoring, it was serious business.
The farmer lept out of bed and headed down the stairs, through the house, grabbed a flashlight that was miraculously where it was supposed to be, threw on boots and was headed out the door when behind her she heard, “Wait, what do you think you are doing going out there alone?” Farmer, “Ummm, something is wrong.” FH, “Do you remember that Don (neighbor) saw bear sh#@ on his lawn last week?” Farmer hesitated for only a heartbeat and headed out the door with FH following a few minutes later.
There was nothing to see, just the boys with their heads poking out their pasture door bleating. Surely, something woke/alerted them and they were warning the farmer. But seriously, a bear? The farmer in her heart of hearts believes that any bear, werewolf, Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, or such would run with their tails between their legs when encountering the pink pajamed, hair on end, rubber boot wearing farmer, it is a scary sight.


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