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I Told You So

A lot has been going on here on the farm.  Well, at least it feels that way.  Some good. Some, hopefully, not as bad as the farmer is freaking out about.  You see she has four does that will be kidding in the next month or so.  The farmer is excited, beside herself excited.  But that happened last year, too.  And then nothing.

Last year was the first year for BHF in the  goat breeding department.  Matilda was taken for a driveway breeding.  For those of you new to goat breeding, driveway breeding is when a goat is transported to another farm and serviced by a buck and transported back home.  So sounds like prostitution doesn’t it?  Matilda was brought back home and the wait began.  Does are pregnant for roughly 150 days.  The baby monitor was set up in the bedroom 2 weeks before the anticipated delivery.  If a mouse farted in the barn the farmer was up and out the door.  This went on for 2 weeks, the due date came and went and then 1 more day and then another day.  The farmer was devastated.  Matilda had never been pregnant.

This year will be different.  This year the farm has its own johns.  James with the Giant Peaches bred Junie B.Jones, Amelia Bedelia and Fern.  Skippy Jon Jones took care of Olive.  Junie is due first.   The farmer noticed that Junie had a discharge from her girl parts and Amelia had very runny, goopy eyes.  Farmer quickly went to the computer and googled the symptoms.  Oh my god, they have chlamydia!!!!  A call to the vet ended with the call being disconnected and an attempt to recall only went to the answering service.  The farmer waited until the morning, not that she slept much, and called again.   Thank god there are people out there who are calm and know what they are talking about.  Vet said that it probably is two separate issues.  Junie is probably just having a normal discharge  and Amelia is likely allergic to the new hay.  Yup, a goat allergic to hay.  They are to be watched for any changes.  But phew, for once the farmer is happy the FH is saying “I told you so.”  He always thinks she overreacts.  Here’s to hoping he continues to be correct.


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