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Things on the farm are going well. Well, they are growing.  Vegetables grew, livestock grew and so have sales.  Pickles sell, a lot.  And that is a good thing.

It is hard to believe that I started out with a traditional canner. One that holds 7 jars.  I started selling to family and friends. So a batch of 14 dill pickles was good.  Then I moved into a few stores and this spring updated to a bigger canner. It held fourteen jars.  Twice as many, twice as fast.  I now own an Amish canner that holds 30 jars and may need to get another one to keep things going.  Over 3,500 jars so far this year and things aren’t slowing.


These are small things that matter when you are growing a business.  Small things that save time and resources.  Small things that all of you have helped to purchase through your support of the farm.  So thank you for buying pickles, jams and pies.  You can actually see where your purchases go, we don’t own a yacht or even a dinghy but you are keeping this farm afloat and it is appreciated!!


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Phew, has it been busy around here.  A good problem to have. Pickles and products are flying.  We are truly ball jars to the wall…


The shop kitchen, as I call it, has been improved thanks to everyone so eagerly buying our stuff.  There is a new freezer, refrigerator, and stove.  As well as a new hand wash sink and a set of swinging doors to make the space meet criteria.  The commercial kitchen paper work has been sent and we are now awaiting the inspection.  If all goes right, we will be offering meat pies and baked beans along with our other pies, pickles and preserves.

Pickles and preserves, holy pickles and preserves.  We are over 2,500 jars for this year, already.  They are going out quickly but they take up space so the upstairs spare bedroom has been allocated as the warehouse. Imagine carrying cases of jars up a set of stairs to store and then 2 days later carrying other cases back down to fill orders.

Soap had taken a back burner for a while but sales have dramatically increased.  So multiple batches have been made and are currently drying on a table in the dining room.  Deodorant, moisturizer and such are all stored in the old craft room. Along with all the ingredients needed for such things.

The old craft room has also become home to the farm “office”.  Printer, labels, cutters, and piles of receipts are all on shelves.  The sewing machine is also sitting on a table awaiting the day when someone will have some spare time to use it.  There might be a couple batches of wine brewing in there as well.

The “shed”, our old entrance area, in now storage for cases and cases of jars, water and vinegar.

We live in a big, old house but this little business is taking over. Thank you all for keeping us, literally ball jars to the wall!






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As you know we are a small, I mean small business.  Actually, we have not even qualified as a business yet.  To date we are still a “hobby business”.  I think, if I remember my amazing tax person’s definition (mind you I was like wtf…I can’t write that off because I don’t make enough because I spend too much of my “real” job money in an effort to make this work…)Oh, wait that was the definition that I was fuming about in my head.  Yeah, I don’t have a real business yet, it is just a hobby.

Anyway, I have learned to overcome that definition and work my freaking ass off in an effort to make enough money to prove that this is a business.  Be it small, but still.

I digress, my point of this post was to let everyone know where their hard earned dollars go when they support us.  Everyone has seen a post about support local it helps someone send their daughter to dance lessons and their son to some sport.  I believe I have posted that at least once over the years.  Beyond the gender bias in that, maybe another post another time, in reality I think most of us “small” small businesses use your money to grow our business.  We turn around and purchase something that will allow us to serve you, our valued people, better.

So after this year’s Crafters on the Farm Open House I used the money that you spent supporting us on:


A new stove for our soon to be commercial kitchen and….




meet Miss Gertrude. She is a sweet girl to add to our milking line.

Oh, and I might have bought a six pack and a few cigars to celebrate the success of the shows, too.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.  Without you we would not be the hobby business reaching for big time status of small business that we are.  You all rock!!


You truly don’t want to see my happy dance, it is embarrassing but heartfelt.

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