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Holy crap, it has been almost a month since my last post.  I have started a few:  one with a slide show of the photos from the photography extravaganza but I could not get the slide show to work on here.  So I was frustrated and gave up.  The second one was about rendering tallow.  It was late and I was done with fat.  One or both may eventually make it onto here.

Things seem to interrupt my blogging; lack of computer ability, inattention to a subject that I probably have spent way too much time participating in and am sick of  done with or the good stuff ; like family and friends and spending time with them.

Or work.  Work is a bit of both the good and not so good some days.  I love my job and the people, little and big, that surround me.  That said, I love what I do here, on the farm more.  I would love to be able to spend my days here making a life and a living from doing things that get my hands dirty.  So when it is time for  the farm unit at work I AM IN HEAVEN!!!  You mean I can talk about what I love to do while doing the other thing I have to do to afford doing the thing I love?  Oh yeah!!

  I took in goat milk, blueberry chevre and goat milk soap balls for the kindergarten classes.  Talked about how they are made and such things.  Kindergarteners ask the greatest questions but are not keen on trying new foods.   I do lunch duty with these kids and I know how picky they are.  The milk and cheese received about 2/3 of each class asking for seconds.  It must be good stuff.

As one student was putting his soap ball into his back pack I heard him tell a friend, “I am taking a bath, tonight!”

And then this:

and these:

letters 022

I am loving it.


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This is another older post from Facebook but the farmer thought all would enjoy the chuckle….

In the process of trying new things for the family to keep the ingestion of chemicals and unwanted other additives to a minimum, tooth powder was made. Tooth powder is an interesting concoction of baking soda, bentonite clay, and essential oils. Toothpaste is a horrible concoction of stuff; one of them being the same ingredient that makes shampoo suds…seriously people, we have been trained to believe that something is cleaning only when it bubbles/foams. FH and sons were not overly keen on trying something that came from a jar versus a tube and it was not the gooey stuff that they were used to and the taste was a bit like mint that had been salted. However, they WERE using it; using it to the point that another batch was needed.
The farmer had run out of the clay necessary and had purchased new at the local health food store and had forgotten it was sitting on the front seat of the car. The youngest son went to clean the car and brought it into the house not knowing what it was. Oh, was it mentioned he is the one who was the least keen on toothpowder? He used it but he hated it. For him the best thing about visits to the orthodontist was the mini tube of toothpaste they sporadically hand out.
So the clay came into the house along with the question, “What’s this stuff?” as he handed it over. “Clay for toothpowder.” He proceeded to throw up a little in his mouth and then asked why we had to use toothpowder and there was a lengthy blah blah about chemicals and shampoo ingredients. He proclaimed he didn’t care and promptly went into the bathroom to prove it. Yes, the 14 year old dumped shampoo onto his toothbrush and brushed.
Needless to say,  another batch was made, this time with clove and cinnamon and a little stevia so it was sweeter. Did the guys like the new flavor? Well, the guys snuck out and bought a tube of Colgate.

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