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It has been cold, terribly cold.  The snow squeaks under foot.  Your nostrils freeze together. It is booger freezing cold.

Anyone who has entered the goat barn and left the door open longer than it takes to get their butt through has heard me scream at them to shut the damn thing.  But, the girls are warm with their layers of hay.  James is snuggly in his little barn.  The pigs have grown very thick hairy coats and their house is filled to the brim with hay.  Their area actually steams when they are all pig piled in, ready for bed.  The eggs are freezing in the nests, so middle son (home for holiday break from college) is gathering frequently during the day.

Coffee is not cutting it when temps are 30° with the wind chill.  I am thinking this might be what I need before heading out to the barn…


     Just kidding!


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Here in the Central Maine we are experiencing an ice storm.  Ice storms can be nasty.  Everyone from here remembers the ICE STORM of ’98.  The storm as predicted started last night.  However, this morning was not near as slippery as yesterday morning.  The driveway, the path to the barn, was covered with a glass like sheet of ice.  The steps to every out building was coated with a treacherous layer.

The hog area is slightly sloped and in the excitement of impending slop two hogs went down.  Hooves slid and thud, down they went.  They are somewhat like Bumbles and bounced right back up.

In comparison, yesterday was a 2 pig down on the iciness scale where today was a 0 pig down.  But, I am betting the traveling is worse.

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A Maine Adventure


Winter farming is usually not too bad.  It is cold. There is snow. However,  Maine this year has been very short on snow. Until this storm, the BLIZZARD. the storm that has shut everything down.   Yesterday you couldn’t even take a Maine adventure and shop at Reny’s.  They closed at 2 p.m. It seems the only ones working are plow guys and farmers.   Snow, no snow. BLIZZARD or not; chores must be done.

A Maine adventure BHF style.

Carrying pails and slop across the road was easier with the use of a sled, but the stuff kept tipping over, not sure how many stale slices of bread are in the road.  Water was frozen, more pails to sled across. Every barn door needed to shoveled before entering.  Getting into the pig pasture was interesting, there is usually a very definable  line.   The smells like bacon when a pig touches it don’t get anywhere near electric fence.  The fence  is now under a shit ton of snow so one must grope along the side of the pig house with a 5 gallon pail of slop and find the end and step over.  Then there was the search for the feed tub.  It is a good size tub.  You could bathe a small child in it.  Nowhere to be seen, no lump in the snow either.  It was dark though.  So the shuffle began in snow up to the farmer’s steam hole, tripped on it the second time around and almost landed on the aforementioned very hot electric fence.  Never did find the water tub, just waited and filled the feed tub with water when the pigs were done eating their few slices short of a full slop pail breakfast.  Anastasia and Drizella made a very brief trip out to do their business, grab some slop and water and then back to bed for them. IMG_0135
While Miss Olive was being milked, snow was blowing in under a section of the eaves. just a little and with classical music playing, the girls munching quietly and those bits of snow sparkling like fairy dust it was almost magical.  Now if only the farmer could bippity bop the snow away.


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