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One of Those Days,

I woke at my normal farmer with chores to do time.  Did all the things I needed to do and then realized that I had to dog proof the mudroom.  Momo and Echo usually spend their days in the shed while we are all at work or school except for the days when it is too cold for them to be out there.  One would think that after going out into the bitterness for chores I would realize that they need to stay in the warmer place.  But, truly I typically do not notice how cold it is until I am heading for work.  Of course, then I am wearing only one pair of pants and one coat, no gloves or scarf so the cold is, well cold.  The dog proofing set me a bit behind my normal leave the house time.  I am one of those that prefer to arrive at work at least ten or fifteen minutes early.

On my way to work I see that my gas gauge is lower than I like it to be when it is freezing outside so I pull into the local convenience store for a cup of coffee and fuel. I prepay inside and start pumping my $15 worth.  This morning I swear the pumps were dispensing molasses and it was cold, very cold molasses.  Mind you I have on only one coat and one pair of pants, no hat, no scarf and no gloves and the digital read out on the pumps were moving slower than you can possible imagine.  Yes, I could have gotten into my warm car.  Yes, that would have been the intelligent thing to do.  But I have this thing where when I am irritated I cannot give in.  I could not, would not get in the car.  So therefore, I stood in the cold for what seemed like forever but was actually around 20 freaking minutes pumping $15 worth of gas.  I did make it to work at precisely the time I am to be there. I was frozen, but I was there.

You see, I could not be late today.  I was leaving a bit early.  I had an *ahem* appointment in Augusta. The annual Agricultural Trade Show is this week and today they were offering a class/talk about getting a kitchen licensed to sell food stuffs.  I had to go.  I had to.  Guilty or not, this was something I really wanted to do.  I arrive and find the area where the talk is being held.  Find a seat next to this very friendly woman.  She was asking me questions about why I was there and what I was interested in doing with the information that I hoped to gain, yaddy yadda.  I told her that I had a small herd of goats and was considering selling jams and jellies and a few other things.  I handed her my card and she handed me hers.  She was a reporter from the local paper.  Shit, now someone from where I was supposed to be will probably see me…in the paper.  At least I am not in the District Court section.   One of those days!

See the evidence article here.

p.s. The talk was fascinating and I am now deciding if I want to go commercial kitchen or creamery.  More on that as it develops.


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Adult Stories

So it has been almost a year since I posted last. My resolutions last year were to become much better at my bookkeeping for the farm and to blog more frequently.  Apparently, I fell through with the blogging and you guessed it the books are the mess they always are this time of year.

For some unknown reason my friends seem to think that I am organized. I do have an intricate filing system of gallon ziploc bags filled past the zipping point with receipts. But organized I am most certainly… not.  I do manage to pull it all out and record it before my scheduled, yearly date with Pam, my wonderful accountant.  She is able to work her magic and get everything in order for me.  In my defense I like to be doing, not recording what I am doing.  I want to tend the animals and gardens, make the soap, sell the soap, chat with my customers, most who have become friends and take my time enjoying these things. Bookwork, well, it just sucks. Therefore, that resolution was doomed before it was even uttered.

Blogging is not tedious business for me. I just find excuses for not doing it.  Excuses like, no one is interested in what we do or no way in hell is anybody going to believe that that really happened.  My go to is that I don’t take enough, if any pictures to illustrate our life.

But I have been thinking, maybe you are interested in the things we do (you are reading this) and I can’t make this shit up.  About the pictures, I could force myself to carry a camera or figure out how to use my new phone and snap a picture every time I went to the barn.  I know everyone loves animal pictures.  You can hardly start Facebook without seeing someone’s dog, cat or other beloved animal.  But there is usually just a picture, maybe a word or two to explain the shot.  And then there are all the likes, autopilot likes: see picture, hit like.  I am not a photographer. I am not comfortable carrying a camera around.  The phone isn’t an option because I have owned it since Christmas and have barely mastered answering the friggin’ thing.

I have decided that my audience, you my readers, are mostly adults and as such do not always need stories with pictures.  I will use my words to the best of my ability, to paint pictures in your mind.  I want you to “see” my world through my stories, the good and the bad, the funny and the frightening. I want you to be fully engaged, not on autopilot.  I want you to experience it from the inside out, from my heart to the words you read.

So, for the most part, I say screw the photos and after the middle of February screw the bookwork, too.

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