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Fitbits and Farming

For Christmas I requested a Fitbit. Not because I have a fear that I am not stepping enough every day, but for the reason that I had heard they have a sleep part to them. Christmas morning I received my requested gift, a Fitbit Charge 2.  Holy Santa, not only does this bad boy track my steps and sleep it also checks my heart rate.

First day, needs to be charged…5,347 steps.  Not bad for Christmas day.  Day two, starts out ripping it, 8,276 steps…frigging thing needs to be charged again…guess it did not receive a full charge on day one.    Day 3 and a drive to Orono and back, 10,982 steps not bad for sitting on my ass for 4 hours.

These things become obsessive…I mean really obsessive. I check it all day long to make sure I am….walking, you know the simplest of exercises.  Well, the simplest when you farm.  But did you know that this little piece of technology does not factor the difference between a step empty handed or one in which you are throwing a pitch fork full of heavy goat shitty bedding into a wheelbarrow or when you are carrying in an back arching load of fire wood.  Nope, that is just a step.  Same step one could take walking up to the counter at McDonald’s to order a supersized meal.

But for some reason these steps become important.  I mean really like crazy important. Today after work I made soap. Soap is not step intensive. So the effing Fitbit stayed at 11,292.  It should only matter that I made a batch of soap.  That is how I have always defined productivity, what I completed.  But oh no, now I am actually standing in front of the crock pot, stick blender going full bore…stepping in place to the tunes blaring out of the radio.

13,741 today, so far….






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