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Heart Warming

Some kids just know exactly the right things to say.


This made my day!


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Why Do Farmers Wear Overalls?

A few Sundays ago it was balmy out, so that may have been quite a few Sundays ago.  I did the usual morning chores and opened the barn door to the pasture for the girls.  There was no grass to nibble on, the ground was covered with snow, but there was a delightful Christmas tree for them to munch on.  And the sun was out.  They like to bask in the sun.  Well, three of them like to bask.  Beezus, the youngest Nigerian would much rather take a walk about.  A walk about the barn yard, not within the confines of the pasture.  She will shoot the electric fence every chance she gets.  It has been cold and she has an extremely warm, fuzzy coat that does not conduct electricity well.  So she was out, I went over and put her in.  You must understand that our farm is cut in half by a road.  It is a country road but well traveled and traveled a bit to quickly for a small goat or any other animal to be wondering on the sides of it.  I waited a few minutes and she seemed to have joined the others nibbling away at the tree, so I thought.

I came in the house and started a batch of soap.  Soap cannot be left unattended so when I saw Beezus, once again, wondering in the driveway I asked the husband to go put her in.  No worries he headed right over and I continued soap making.  Husband comes back in shaking his head.  I, of course asked what was up.  “Well,” he says, “it’s a damn good thing no cars just went by.”  “Why was she in the road?”  He continued, “No, I scooped her up under my arm and when I did her hooves got caught in my pajama bottoms and there I was with a goat under my arm and my pants around my ankles.”

Now you know why farmers and their husbands should wear overalls.

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